Mats Fridlund appointed Associate Professor at Aalto University School of Engineering


PhD Mats Fridlund (b.1965) has been appointed Associate Professor at the Department of Engineering Design and Production at Aalto University School of Engineering for the period of 13.6.2013–12.6.2018. The field of the professorship is History of Industrialization.

Fridlund_300x400.jpgFridlund studies the politics and culture of modern science, technology and innovation, with a current research focus on the technologies of terrorism.

He is born in Sweden where he studied engineering physics and history of science and technology at KTH Royal Institute of Technology. He obtained his Master´s degree in Engineering Physics in 1992 and his PhD in History of Technology in 1999 at KTH. His thesis entitled: ‘The Mutual Development: The State, Big Industry and the Collaboration on Swedish Electric Power Technology’.

Since 2011 Fridlund has worked as Senior Lecturer at the Department of Philosophy, Linguistics and Theory of Science at University of Gothenburg and Associate Researcher at the Centre for Advanced Security Theory (CAST) at the University of Copenhagen. During 2010–2011 he worked as External Associate Professor of History in the Saxo Institute (University of Copenhagen) and before that, during 2008–2010, as Associate Professor of Political Science at the University of Copenhagen. Previously he has held positions at Aarhus University, Technical University of Denmark, Imperial College London and MIT and Northwestern University in the USA.

His current research primarily concerns various aspects of the science, technology and materiality of terrorisms. An ongoing study focuses on the development of urban ‘terrormindedness’, how cities and citizens since the 19th century have used various technologies to cope with different forms of man-made terror and terrorism. A second study investigates the role appropriation of engineering expertise and industrial technologies such as dynamite, revolvers and printing technology have played in the rise of modern revolutionary terrorism during the long 19th century. In 2010 his project Spreading Terror: Technology and Materiality in the Transnational Emergence of Terrorism 1866-1898 was awarded a three-year grant from the Swedish Research Council (VR) within its research programme The Globalization of Society.

- Mats Fridlund has worked actively in international scientific communities and his research area covers many current subjects, says Dean Petri Varsta. He is also a talented and inspiring teacher / lecturer.

- I hold Fridlund's active article production for international publications and his extensive international network in high regard, Varsta continues.

Mats Fridlund is a member of the editorial board of Icon: The Journal of the International Committee for the History of Technology and The International Journal for History of Engineering & Technology. In the spring Fridlund will teach a course on the Cultural History of Technology and another on contemporary and historical perspectives on the Science, Technology and Design of Security and Terrorism.


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Mats Fridlund 
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