The latest installation lectures available on video

9. helmikuu 2015

Aalto University's newly tenured professors gave lectures on the pressing issues in their respective fields.

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People from Aalto to consider the future of mining

9. helmikuu 2015

Experts of Outotec, Aalto University's researchers and students will collaboratively unravel future concerns in the mining sector.

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Biomass energy goes to waste in the EU

3. helmikuu 2015

With the assistance of Nordic expertise, the raw material could be used three times more effectively, researchers believe.

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Elasticity and Geometry - Seminar in Structural Engineering

2. helmikuu 2015

A seminar in Structural Engineering will be organized during the Spring 2015 at the Department of Civil and Structural Engineering


Aalto University Endowment portfolio returns 6.3% in 2014

30. tammikuu 2015

Purpose of the Aalto University Endowment is to generate additional funding for world-class research and education.


Research on the safety of 3D printing begins

28. tammikuu 2015

The aim of the project is to ensure that 3D printing is safe for employees, at all stages of the process.

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Aalto received 4,7 millions funding from Academy of Finland

17. joulukuu 2014

4,1 million euros for New Energy research projects and 600 000 euros for arctic research.

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New model helps in the design of base structures

12. joulukuu 2014

Mirva Koskinen, M.Sc. examined a material model in by which it is possible to predict deformations caused by construction in soft clay soil.

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Group effort to combat mould damage

12. joulukuu 2014

Heidi Salonen, Professor in Indoor Environment Technology, believes in multidisciplinary and broad-scoped cooperation.

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Decorations for Aalto staff on Independence Day

3. joulukuu 2014

President Tuula Teeri was granted a commander decoration, 12 other staff members awarded as well.


Dissertation release: Energy renovations make more sense at the district than at a building level

1. joulukuu 2014

Energy-efficient renovation of residential districts. Cases from the Russian market Asuinalueiden energiatehokas korjaaminen. Tapauksia Venäjältä

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TEK Master’s Thesis of the Year awarded to Jarkko Luntta, M. Sc. in Structural Engineering

24. marraskuu 2014

The findings of the thesis are important in ensuring the structural integrity of tall wood structures.


For many, a toilet is utopia

19. marraskuu 2014

The intention of World Toilet Day is to bring attention to the vast amount of people still living without proper toilets.

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Funding organisation looks for research with impact

18. marraskuu 2014

The British Engineering and Physical Sciences Research Council has a strong track record of research-based success stories.

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Traffic signs can be difficult to see with new types of headlights

17. marraskuu 2014

The beam pattern of vehicle LED and Xenon headlights is precisely regulated. The risk is that traffic signs may go unnoticed by drivers when driving i


Albert Einstein award presented to cell communication researcher

17. marraskuu 2014

The awards ceremony kicked off the Academic Summit at Aalto University.

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First Horizon 2020 research projects getting underway in Aalto University

11. marraskuu 2014

The Commission is granting research funds to six research projects.

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Foundation for Aalto University Science and Technology supports Aalto's strategy and operations

6. marraskuu 2014

The foundation turned 35, and got a new name.


Three new FiDiPro Professors to Aalto

5. marraskuu 2014

The new FiDiPro research projects will advance the development of industrial internet and bioeconomy.

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Heidi Salonen appointed Assistant Professor in Indoor Environment Technology

29. lokakuu 2014

Professorship is located at the Department of Civil and Structural Engineering

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What do a walking stick and a songbook have in common?

22. lokakuu 2014

Old technology students have a habit of reminiscing about their time as students.


World's top experts set to meet at the Academic Summit in November 16-20

20. lokakuu 2014

The event will bring together top names from academia and the business world to engage in a debate about the role of universities.


Make entrepreneurship part of your life at university and beyond

16. lokakuu 2014

Students interested in entrepreneurship are well-catered for at Aalto University.


Honorary Doctorate surprised at Ceremonial Conferment

14. lokakuu 2014

Hans Niemantsverdriet from Holland was awarded an honorary doctorate at a joint ceremonial conferment of Doctoral Degrees.


Dam construction on the Mekong River poses threat to ecosystems and livelihoods

13. lokakuu 2014

Tens of dams have been built on the Mekong River. The dams and climate change threaten the area’s ecosystems, livelihoods and food security.

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