ABB Finland donates €400 000 to Aalto University

16. helmikuu 2016

ABB’s global CTO Bazmi Husain visited Aalto and published the donation.


New connections were made at the New York Alumni meet

10. helmikuu 2016

The alumni represented Business and Technology as well as Arts and Design.


President Sauli Niinistö to be awarded Honorary Doctorate by the Aalto University School of Business

10. helmikuu 2016

The School of Business will confer the title of Honorary Doctor on President Sauli Niinistö at the Ceremonial Conferment on May 20.

Honored Press releases

Rat Relay – problem solving through a 48-hour global relay

8. helmikuu 2016

Members of the Aalto Design Factory network were presumably the first people ever to test teaching product development in a 48-hour global relay.

Studies Cooperation

Ice bridge collapsed, Aalto logo remains

7. helmikuu 2016

Students of structural engineering travelled to Juuka to erect the longest ice bridge in the world.


Kemira donates €250 000 to Aalto University

4. helmikuu 2016

The company’s objective is to support the high standard of research and education in fields that are important to it.


Aalto decides allocation of effects of the statutory negotiations

29. tammikuu 2016

Total layoffs 188, personnel reductions by other means 128.

Other Press releases

Satellites provide information about Earth’s surface and the atmosphere

28. tammikuu 2016

Professor Miina Rautiainen examines the Earth with help of satellite images. Remote sensing opens a window on a wide range of observations.

Science and art

University of Helsinki and Aalto University seal strategic partnership

26. tammikuu 2016

Benefitting from each other's strengths, the universities' joint aim is to develop internationally attractive research and teaching environments.

Cooperation Press releases

Antimatter met strategy in the installation lectures

26. tammikuu 2016

The installation lectures by newly tenured professors at Aalto University were published online.

Science and art

Creativity can be taught, says Katja Hölttä-Otto, Professor of Product Development

26. tammikuu 2016

If necessary, Hölttä-Otto promises to prove with a simple test that anyone can learn to be creative and that it can be taught.

Science and art

Professor Gerhard Fink relies on wood as a construction material

19. tammikuu 2016

Gerhard Fink started as Assistant Professor of wooden structures at Aalto University. He feels highly motivated by the new position.

Science and art

Aalto University's statutory negotiations ended

18. tammikuu 2016

Reductions affect a max. of 190 persons. In addition, the number of personnel decreases by approx. 130 persons through e.g. retirements.

Other Press releases

Anne Brunila appointed Chair of the Aalto University Board

14. tammikuu 2016

Mikko Kosonen was appointed Vice Chair.

Other Press releases

Changes in the Otaniemi campus area

17. joulukuu 2015

Due to construction work on the building Väre, Otaniementie closes to traffic between Vuorimiehentie and Tietotie. Bus services on alternate routes.

Other Campus

Aalto Magazine focuses on the theme of global business operations

15. joulukuu 2015

Aalto University Magazine 15 examines international business activities and related education in a changing global operating environment.


Professor of Energy Technology and Energy Economics Sanna Syri focuses on mitigating climate change

14. joulukuu 2015

The promises made by countries to reduce emissions are not sufficient to limit warming to two degrees, let alone to the 1.5 degrees.

Science and art

ABB has created an award to honor and support outstanding post-doctoral research

10. joulukuu 2015

The award is USD 300 000. The application deadline is January 31, 2016.


Greater freedom of choice with new master’s degree programmes

8. joulukuu 2015

The programmes have been designed from the ground up to meet the requirements for future skills.


Heat treatment improves the cracking resistance of nickel-based alloy weld metals

8. joulukuu 2015

Post-weld heat treatment can be used to positively impact the cracking resistance of nickel-based alloy weld metals used in nuclear power plants.

Science and art

Satu Hassi: New energy solutions need users’ acceptance

8. joulukuu 2015

New technology and engineering solutions are not enough. The users´ point of view is very important and too often forgotten.

Science and art

Fortune favours the brave – both in science and entrepreneurship

7. joulukuu 2015

Aalto University boosted entrepreneurial spirit at a Morocco-based conference promoting peace in the Middle East.

Studies Cooperation Other

A boost to product development from Aaltonaut

7. joulukuu 2015

The minor programme combines different academic fields encouraging students towards curiosity and initiative.


A public lecture series of Cyber Security

3. joulukuu 2015

Discussion on cyber security will continue in spring 2016 with a series of five lectures.

Other Studies

Application period to Aalto University's Master's programmes starts soon

23. marraskuu 2015

Application period for Master’s programmes at Aalto University 1 December 2015 – 15 January 2016


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